I am so glad you are here!

Scroll through some of my adventures behind the camera. And all the possibilities that I could create for YOU.

I capture the images, but together we tell the story. My goal is to capture "you", you as the incredible human you are. Your family as the incredible family they are. Your love as the incredible love it is. I admire what makes my clients "them". And I want to capture that. It's what tugs at every heart string and has me so deeply in love with this job. Come as you are, and I will come as I am and I promise we will be all set.

Are you ready to tell the story with me?




Located in West Michigan capturing the in-betweens, the vulnerability, the messy hair, the smallness of your babe, the deep in love feelings, the details, the belly laughs, the moments.

You're still here- yay! I am Samantha. Are you here looking for real, raw moments to be captured? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. And I welcome you with open arms. No like seriously, come here and give me a big hug and let me capture your beautiful story. 


Let's Connect

The most important thing to me is to capture photos that you can hang onto forever, that all your generations to follow can cherish, and that tell your story. It's important to me to work with people that value the art I am going to create and want me to capture the real moments. 

So if you're looking for someone to capture the in-between moments, the madly in-love moments, the chaotic moments, shoot me an email and brag yourselves up. 

I cannot wait to hear from you!