Hello! I'm Samantha McFanin. Nicole is my middle name, after my mother, who's basically my identical twin. Married to my best friend, Ryan and cozied up on the lake with our pup, Piper. Converse wearing, ice cream loving, pro beer tasting, gal. Need I say more? Maybe. I am a homebody. But, definitely have FOMO(fear of missing out) and attend most every invitation extended to me. So really can I even consider myself a homebody? I’m going to anyways because it’s my favorite place to be. My home is much more than the house I live in though, I think of it as Michigan too. I will always be planted in the mitten but have a deep, deep love for traveling the world and seeing new places. I am your typical MI girl. While many are out trying so hard to be different, I’m over here trying to be normal. I’m pretty simple. I love Jesus. Sunday’s are my favorite. Happiest when surrounded by good company and a grill full of hot dogs and burgers(LOL). Barefooted in the Summer. Appreciate the smell of a MI Spring & Fall. Hate Winter. Cries when overly happy. Prefer country music. Fly by the seat of my pants. Love a good meaningful conversation. Like I said, simple. I don’t live an overly exciting life, but I am definitely living my best life.

Pursuing this dream to be a photographer was one of the best things to happen to me. I'm no longer just Samantha, I'm Samantha Nicole Photography too. Why does this make me so happy? It makes me happy because I am defined by my job, a job that I am fiercely in love with. I get to use all of my life experiences, my character, my vision, my everything, to create something for YOU. I get to take beauty from my life and create beauty for you, in your life. Are you following? The photos I capture and create are my art, are my way of seeing life, beauty, love, anger, sadness, happiness, all of it. I want it all. I want to capture your story, your emotions, your life. Every person is some sort of beautiful and I am so obsessed with the fact I get to capture that. Let me laugh with you, smile with you, cry with you, create a moment with you, and then capture it in time. Come as you are, and I'll come as I am and I promise we'll be all set.