The most important thing to me is to capture photos that you can hang onto forever, that all your generations to follow can cherish, and that tell your story. It's important to me to work with people that value the art I am going to create and want me to capture the real moments. 

So if you're looking for someone to capture the in-between moments, the madly in-love moments, the chaotic moments shoot me an email and brag yourselves up. 

I cannot wait to hear from you! 

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Please fill out a detailed email letting me in on what you are hoping for me to capture and a little blurb to help me get to know you + any others that’ll join us.

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A wedding photographer, a must have for your wedding day, right? It’s important, and we all want to have that day bottled up forever. But how do you find the best fit for you? When searching most refer to the style of the photographer, great start! But, if that’s all that you are looking at, perhaps we’re not a great fit. I believe when hiring a wedding photographer the moments captured should be most prominent. But, those moments don’t come from being posed by me, they come from being comfortable enough around your photographer to be “you guys”. I believe it’s so important to hire someone that you feel connected to and are willing to let them in as more than a photographer, but as someone who is basically apart of your bridal party. For me to capture the genuine and rawest moments of your day, you have to let me in. My best wedding captured was for one of my best friends. Why? Because I took on that day with them as a friend, as family, as a loved one. I want to do that with every single one of my brides & grooms. I want to know you two on a personal level. I want you to be comfortable to be your most vulnerable selves in front of me, and I too, want to be comfortable enough to be vulnerable in guiding and prompting you. Take me in as a friend on this special day, and heck, for all days prior and to follow. Let me cry with you, party with you, and be apart of the day. Maybe you’re looking for something more strictly “business”, and that’s fine, you’ll find the fit for you guys! <3

Are you madly in love and not afraid to show it?

Laid back with the possible hiccups thrown into a wedding day?

Down to get your dress a little dirty?

Adventurous? Willing? Goofy?

These are all things that could deem us a good fit! I’m going to be there to take on the day with BOTH of you. And I cannot wait!

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